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About Us:

The Friends of the Marysville Public Library is a separate non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, established to support the library and its mission in the community. Through memberships, book sales and other activities, the Friends raise funds to support Library programs and services, grow the Endowment and provide volunteer assistance. Most of all, the Friends is a fellowship of community members from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds who love their Library and love to associate with like-minded people. The Friends of the Library is a great way to serve the community, meet new people and celebrate their love of learning and libraries.

Board of Directors:

Janell Alexander, Florence Allen, Joel Allen, Barb Burns, Phil Eley, Shannon Freshour, Martin Herrmann, David Irish, Pam Reynolds, Leesa Scott, Rebecca Thomas, Anita Tiller, Karen Townley, Bob Whitman, Ann Whitmer, Myra York


President: David Irish

Vice-President: Bob Whitman

Treasurer: Martin Hermann

Secretary: Rebecca Thomas


Finance: Martin Herrman, David Irish, Janell Alexander, Joel Allen

Membership: Karen Townley, Myra York, Rebecca Thomas, Ann Whitmer

Marketing: Rebecca Thomas, Leesa Scott

Special Events: Ann Whitmer, Leesa Scott, Pam Reynolds, Anita Tiller, Florence Allen

Book Distribution: Bob Whitman, Shannon Freshour, Phil Eley

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